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Guidance with Purpose

Newhaven Group is a diversified financial services provider, offering solutions to a diverse client base including business, sole traders, trustees and individuals.  

We advise clients on their financial investments, tax needs, strategic growth plans and capital management.

We offer advice across a broad range of industries with our expertise in many disciplines including financial markets, taxation, self-managed superannuation funds, debt markets, real estate investment and development, and finance and lending.

e commit to finding the best solutions to help the clients we serve continue to grow and achieve their goals.

Whilst we don’t like to make glib comments; our company is special. We have a superior strategic position in our industry, a great brand, strong character, brilliant employees, decades of experience, a wealth of expertise and an extraordinary future.

We asked our clients to tell us why they joined us and why they stay with us. The same seven reasons came up again and again…


1. The quality of our people

You know when you are dealing with a Newhaven person. They have certain characteristics that ensure we deliver on our promise of helping our client’s achieve financial success. Newhaven people are honest, great communicators, expert in their role, committed to each client relationship, supportive, caring and passionate. Newhaven people get the right results - the right way.

2. Our ability to communicate quickly, clearly and simply

We are always looking for ways to simplify and demystify the complex world of investment and retirement planning. We believe that the ability to provide our clients with knowledge rather than just information is key to our role in guiding them to make the right decisions about their future. We also know our clients have so many competing priorities in their day to day - so we ensure we are quick to deliver answers to questions, advice and updates.

3. The exceptional quality of our work

Our commitment to excellence is unwavering. Our work is our pride and joy. Delivering innovative strategies and advice as well as sound products and excellent service is the driving force of our team. We want each client to feel that they got their moneys’ worth and so much more. 

4. Our spirit of partnership and teamwork

Not only do we work well as a team at Newhaven, leveraging from one another’s talent and skill - we work with our clients as part of their team. Everyone has their own unique idea of what financial success means. This means we get the opportunity every day to partner with a new team and take a new journey together. We succeed because our clients do.

5. The breadth of our experience and expertise

Newhaven is the one place you can come and receive advice and recommendations on every facet of your financial life. Our offering is not a slender one, stretched across several areas – we boast a wealth of expertise in each division of the company, be it financial strategy advice, budgeting and money management, equities and managed funds, direct real estate, superannuation, self-managed superannuation, and credit products. When you deal with a Newhaven person you deal with someone who has more than knowledge in their chosen field- they have a career in it.

6. The convenience of dealing with us

Being on your team means that we work when you need us. We are renowned for seeing Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime. Our clients love the ease of dealing with us at a time and place that suits them. We love the mobility and flexibility it gives our employees and the opportunities it provides them to learn more about the world outside our four walls. 

7. Because we treat our clients the way we would like to be treated

A simple, often stated saying. For us it is a way of life; because we know that if we don’t treat our clients with the care, respect and dignity that each one of them deserves, we simply won’t be here. Newhaven clients know one thing above all else – we are grateful for them.


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