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Your Path To Success

The most important facts, we find, are yours

At Newhaven Wealth we take pride in the efforts we make to get to know all of our clients. Your history, life story, goals and aspirations are vital to us in the preparation of our advice to you. It goes beyond knowing your financial position and your tolerance for risk. It is about knowing what matters to you most, what you desire for your future and what you dream of having for yours and your family’s future. It also means gaining an understanding of what financial success means for to and your family; that’s the only way we can help you achieve it.

Investment portfolio construction

We believe in clients having a greater say in where their money is invested. Be it your personal savings or your superannuation account, you should be part of the process of building a portfolio that matches your personality and objectives. Our experienced professionals draw on decades of experience to tactically position your portfolio across multiple markets and all major asset classes. We work in an open dialogue with our clients to construct portfolios based on a risk exposure and weighting. Our goal, first and foremost, is that your investments are not exposed to any more volatility than you would like or need.

Money management and savings

Starting to save for your first car, home or holiday? Looking to pay down your debts faster? Looking to save for an investment in property or shares? Wanting to put something away for your children’s education or their first home? Need to make further contributions to your superannuation? All of these and much more rely on one simple thing - your ability to manage your money.

Whilst some will shy away from a formal ‘budget’ for their household, tracking and understanding where your income goes is an essential first step in your financial life. The second is being able to make informed decisions about your spending so that you can start to put savings towards your goals. Newhaven Wealth provides money management services to a range of clients with a range of goals for their budget. We will work with you to ensure that you know your finances inside and out- so that you can decide where your money is best deployed.

Managing risk through insurance


Understanding risk is essential to any investor. Newhaven Wealth Personal Risk and Insurance Planning is a vital part of our overall financial planning service. Personal insurances can help to ensure that those who depend on you will not be financially disadvantaged in the event of your death, a medical crisis or your disablement. It is also important to note that over time, as your circumstances change, so too should your level of cover to ensure you are adequately protected. We work with our clients to arrive at a level of cover that provides comfort and peace of mind, is affordable and is structured correctly; with policies being held either inside or outside of your superannuation accounts. 

Specialising in super and self-managed super

We believe that there is no more powerful vehicle for investment than superannuation. The level of tax concessions alone makes super the most effective place for your retirement nest egg. Newhaven Wealth assist all investors to construct a suitable portfolio of investments to ensure that they are taking advantage of the benefits super provides. Investing wisely in your super can make a significant difference to your retirement income levels. 

It is never too early or too late to work on a viable plan for your super money. Newhaven specialist advisers provide assistance to those already operating or looking to set up their own self-managed super fund (SMSF). We work with clients to ensure that their investment strategy is appropriate, they know their options in terms of assets in which to invest and they understand complex strategies such as leveraging through a SMSF to purchase direct property or shares inside the fund.


Regular review and dialogue

Serving our clients starts with knowing our clients. That means regular dialogue with our clients to ensure we are aware of the changes happening in their lives and that they are aware of all of the new opportunities that may be or are becoming available to them. Our clients don’t do business with us just to become another number. They join us in a life-long conversation about their future and about achieving their own idea of financial success.

Low fees and upfront fees

At Newhaven Wealth we believe that every Australian should have access to quality advice and assistance in managing their finances. This means that we will never allow cost to be a barrier to a new client accessing the services that we provide. We achieve this through our low fee base and our structure of up-front fees that mean you get what you pay for - value. We do not take trailing commissions from our client’s investment or super accounts.


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